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6.5 Instagram training course

Level: Intermediate


Instagram is a powerful tool you can’t ignore as a modern business. It can help you develop your brand globally by extending your online reach because Instagram is used by millions worldwide. Sharing your work through an Instagram profile will allow you to broaden your target audience. Because by sharing your work on the platform, and using appropriate hashtags to label/present it, you can improve the visibility of your brand and work to people who are interested in similar things.
The way Instagram works, is by connecting people and brands with similar interests. This means, people who have never heard of you might stumble upon your account or business by simply being interested in similar topics as you.

You use Instagram by installing the app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. There is a web interface now as well ( https://www.instagram.com ), but it is more limited than the app.

Instagram app Instagram app

Getting started

Please have a look at the following guide to getting started.
This guide will help you to set up your account and make your first Instagram post. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-use-instagram

There is a thing called “Instagram for businesses”. If you have a business account, you get more insights and data from your posts.
We recommend that you create a normal Instagram account, and upgrade it to a business account later, if the need to do so arises. You should only upgrade to a business account if you have a longer term marketing strategy, knowing what you will post when to keep your audience engaged and growing.

You can read more about business accounts here:

Growing your Instagram account

Here are some interesting blog posts and articles from Instagram itself that can help you to improve your presence.

Here is another guide that can help you to push your Instagram account to the next level, once you are familiar with the basics:

The following article is an interesting example of a concrete plan to grow your following on Instagram:




Create a normal account on Instagram, add an interesting bio for your business and if you have a website add this to your profile. After setting up your account share one of your works on your profile and add appropriate hashtags using keywords in the caption of your post to attract people with interests similar to your work.

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