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Oil on canvas, 2020 year, dimensions: 30x25cm, sgraffito techniques.

Posted by: Katarzyna

Global FemART Website

Check out the Global FemART website at https://www.globalfemart.eu/ for more information on the project and interesting articles written by the project partnership!

Posted by: Emma

Global FemART Exhibition Booklet now available!

Check out the Global FemART Exhibition Booklet on the Global FemART website, showcasing some amazing artists and creatives! Website link in my profile!

Posted by: Emma_Inova

Correlating + collecting (a navigation of life events through collecting)

'How the temporality and the spatiality of collections might be visually translated through [graphics] design?' Correlating + collecting is a project which looks at using design anthropology as an approach to map the relationships between people, their collections, and their lives. The project studies how collections of ordinary everyday objects can be used to examine and highlight ordinary or extraordinary life events. The project focuses on visually translating and correlating collections into meaningful markers for time, memories and our shifting relationships to people and places.

Posted by: Erika Conchis

Home vs. home: build your own playfield

Based on the study of Design Anthropology approaches, the roles of playgrounds in modern urban communities, and the conditions for adults to play, I prototyped a toolkit for adults to use to create playgrounds for well-being whilst in lockdown. It proposes 3 levels: competitive play, collaborative play and creative play, all based on the adaptation of what is already available in the space. The toolkit facilitates the creation of curious and playful installations, designed by and for the end users to make practical changes within their space, homes and gardens.

Posted by: Erika Conchis

'Design futuring the city': New-North

To answer a brief on speculative design and climate fiction I created the ​​​​​​​New-Northern Hemisphere Time Zones. In 2072: as a result of climate change, the world timezones have been rearranged around the new world’s ‘most-influential’ city. Because of the consequences of unadressed climate change, a majority of the world’s population has now relocated closer to the North-Pole. This speculative design aims to question our relationship to time, borders, perspectives and traditional map representations.

Posted by: Erika Conchis

Earth day Global Femart exhibition

Acrylic painting on canvas. A mother and children nestling in our home the Earth. More and more pertinent that we care for our mother the Earth and consider with consciousness our interelationships with all of Earth Mother's children and other humans. This painting was shown at the Global Femart exhibition which was held on Earth day April 22nd.

Posted by: Panni

With Myanmar exhibition in South Korea

This month my triptych of paintings 'Peace Onehundredfold' are on show in South Korean Mayhall and Thinking Box galleries at Chonnam and Jeonam Universities along with South Korean, Myanmar and other international artists to send wishes and intentions of peace to Myanmar.

Posted by: Panni