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6.2 ICT platforms to go global

Level: Basic


The internet has been growing for years, and with it, many platforms have been developed. In this training unit, we will have a look at a few platforms you can use to put yourself out there for the world to see.


Link: https://www.deviantart.com/ Screenshot of the DeviantArt homepage

Screenshot of the devianart results page https://www.deviantart.com

“Showcase, promote, sell & share your work with over 44 million members” as they advertise themselves.
DeviantArt is a place to upload digital media such as artwork and videos. You can share your work with the world, and also have the possibility to sell it.

The forum has a great place to get you started:

Tips for growing on DeviantArt:

Other tips for more advanced features:


Link: https://www.pinterest.com/

Pinterest is a great tool to get inspired. You can see ideas clustered per topic, visually portrayed in the form of images. Images or videos are pinned to boards, so they are clustered together.

For example, if you’re interested in home decoration and you see a beautiful living room on the internet, you might pin this to your own board of home decoration.

You can also browse images and videos that other users have pinned.

Screenshot of the Pinterest homepage

Screenshot of the Pinterest homepage https://www.pinterest.com

Get inspired

For example, when we search for “creative business”, we get a lot of content and links to other websites that can inspire us.

Screenshot of the Pinterest results page

Screenshot of the Pinterest results page https://www.pinterest.com

Create on Pinterest

You can create your own boards with your own pins on Pinterest.
Maybe you are browsing around and you want to save a certain image or idea. In this case, you can pin content to your own boards.

If you want to do this, you should install the browser button.
The following article shows how to do it:

If you want to create your own content on Pinterest and inspire others, here are a few guides to help you on your way:




Link: https://www.youtube.com/ Screenshot of the Youtube homepage

Screenshot of the Youtube homepage https://www.youtube.com/

Major video on demand website YouTube is the largest website for sharing video content. It is possible to find a lot of information, courses and talks on here, as well as create your own videos and share them with the world.


The easiest and most useful way for YouTube is to access dozens of free videos on an unlimited range of topics.
If there’s anything you would like explained in a video, chances are it exists on YouTube.
Depending on your personal learning style and preference, you might prefer to read articles or tutorials which you find through Google or have certain topics explained to you on YouTube.


YouTube is the biggest platform to create your personal video content.
Whether you need to share a video with a partner, or embed it on other social media websites such as Facebook, you can upload your video for free on YouTube.

Here are a few resources to get you started with creating your own videos:

And of course, you can learn about creating content on YouTube… on YouTube itself!


Instagram is a great tool to attract an audience that’s genuinely interested in certain topics or styles of art.
Since this tool is an essential element of modern social media marketing and management, we’ve split this section into a separate course, further on in this module.
See 6.5 Instagram training course.



Fiverr offers freelance services for your business.
Ever had a small creative task that other people might as well do? On Fiverr, you can outsource tasks for small fees to other people .

This is a great way to manage your own time and energy. If there’s a vital task that you could delegate to others, but there’s nobody around in your own social network, why not give the task to another person, potentially on the other side of the globe?

Popular tasks on Fiverr are: translations, logo design, writing articles and blog posts. You can even pay people to manage your social media!

Browse around on the website and try to figure out which tasks could grant a positive return of investment for you, compared to the time and energy you put into these tasks yourself.

Fiverr Social Media Marketing category results page

Fiverr Social Media Marketing category results page https://www.fiverr.com/categories/online-marketing/social-marketing?source=category_tree&page=1&page_size=48&offset=-4&filter=rating&ref=platform_type%3Ainstagram

Fiverr logo design category results page

Fiverr logo design category results page












Create an account on one of the platforms mentioned in this unit that applies most to the kind of creative work you make. For example, youtube if you create music, deviantArt or Instagram if you create drawings, … After setting up your account share one of your works on the platform.

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